History repeats itself

Amendment of the Constitution – the beginning of the end of Pinochet

In 1973 General Pinochet launched a military coup against President-elect Salvador Allende. Pinochet then launched a long period of military dictatorship. His reign lasted for 17 years, during which Chile experienced severe repression and turned Chilean stadiums into slums that included thousands of detainees and hundreds of people. To thousands of opponents and hundreds of deaths and the flight of thousands to other countries for fear of their lives. In addition to the restriction of freedoms and the abolition of democratic institutions of the country and despite all the criminalization .. Pinochet received unlimited American support, despite gross violations of human rights

The 1980 constitution allowed Pinochet to become authoritarian after it was drafted to allow Pinochet to take over the reins of government and make the military the top word in all the country’s affairs. The military took over half the strength of the National Security Council in addition to the economic advantages enjoyed by the armed forces according to the Constitution

Under the 1980 interim constitution, which voted for 75 % of the electorate, Pinochet called for an extraordinary, undemocratic referendum in his favour as a single candidate to stay in power for life … but the Supreme Court ruled it invalid.

The end of the tyrant Pinochet began when a large bloc of democratic political parties, trade unions and civic groups moved to oust Ponsi in the 1988 referendum. La won and paved the way for one of the most important demarcations of civil-military relations and democratization in the world after Pinochet was forced to Acceptance of loss and subject to the provisions of the Constitution, which approved presidential elections after almost a year and a half .. America gave up the man who pushed him to the military coup 🙂

Later, the military was subjugated to the civilian authorities. During this period there was an increase in civilian control in exchange for the dominance of the military establishment. The Chilean army became more professional in the face of political changes and far from political life. This was manifested in several aspects, including Pinochet’s arrest and trial, During the years of his ill-fated rule until the constitutional amendments of 2005, which ended the establishment of the military establishment above the Constitution and approved the subordination of the army to control civilians.

What can be learned from the Chilean experience is that military despotism and dictatorial rule to an end no matter how long its rule lasts and no matter how high the pace of oppression and tyranny is, we also draw from the Chilean experience the possibility of demarcating civil-military relations; the civilians or the military should not try to consider the other party as an enemy or political opponent, But redrawing the boundaries of the relationship in the interest of the people and the preservation of the homeland and access to the bright future.

Perhaps they will meet



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I believe like others who believe in freedom and believe in the change, as I was sick of the leaders that we did not chose or even elect

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