485 MP’s betrayed Egyptian future and creating a new Pharaoh Sisi I

Egypt’s Parliament approves constitutional amendments with 485 votes.

The best part is the same person who help the military coup. In Tamarud. On 30 June 2013 he is the same person who is doing it today.

Parliament referred proposed constitutional amendments to constitutional, legislative committee

The Egyptian Parliament has initially approved, with 485 votes out of 596 parliament members,

The proposed constitutional amendments, referring them to the constitutional and legislative committee for discussion.
On Thursday, Ten MPs rejected the amendments proposed,

Samir Ghattas;

Gamal Al-Sherif;

Talaat Khalil;

Haytham Al Hariri;

Ahmed Tantawi;

Mohammed Al-Utmani;

Mostafa Hussien;

Akram Qortam;

Ahmed Al-Sharkawy,

Diaa El-Din Dawood.

During the session, parliament speaker Ali Abdel Aal said that a wide scale social dialogue headed by the legislative committee will be held over two months to address the proposed amendments.

The main reason for this proposal is to extend Sisi’s presidential period to additional 15 years, of additional blood and violence. and draft a transitional article that might allow President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to start literally tabula rasa and run for office for two other presidential terms.

So after all this do you think you should agree on the changes and keep him in power for years and years to come.

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I believe like others who believe in freedom and believe in the change, as I was sick of the leaders that we did not chose or even elect

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