Immunity for Egyptian Parliamentarians

Long-life immunity

The concept of immunity for the Egyptian parliamentarians….. Abnormal concept….

Known to Immunity, gentlemen, gives security to a Member of Parliament to criticize all things in safety and So long.. Or The Christians are exposed to anyone who tells him why this… Thats not a shame. I Alghmin From right to north and go to visit his ancestors in a personal meeting… Meeting the souls liberated from the flesh…  

The situation in Al-Mahrousa… Immunity gives security to a protected member such asA On Example… Hajj teacher senior State parliamentarian Dr on To send The mayor of Abu Taher… Murtaza Mansour …. After ordering the whole world to lift the immunity for a long life… After the issues of illegal gain of trade in currency on money laundering…. On the deer… On some other arguments…

That’s why Pray May God protect immunity, who has done it and who has done it.

Long life…

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I believe like others who believe in freedom and believe in the change, as I was sick of the leaders that we did not chose or even elect

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