Will we wait long?

No one expected that young people would rise up against the failed military regime in Egypt since 1952. It was not for anyone to raise his eyes before a group of soldiers who plundered and robbed the people of his power, but it came to be robbed of his future and stripped of it …. The Egyptian Kingdom A strong and rich …. Cairo was a beautiful city … but the most beautiful capitals of the world …
Ohmona that the enemy from the outside and we are targeted and that the king is a traitor and a client … And what is nothing but a barbarian, a fucking and a heretic … Clear the military “Free Officers” or so-called themselves … But the fact that they are colonized but local … colonial and stupid .. does not know what kind of politics and not the affairs of the country …
The first achievements – appear in the first difference between the new group Colonial Interior “Prosecutors Free Officers” was the result of the imprisonment of their leader, “Mohammed Najib”
The second achievement – Gamal Abd al-Nasser’s ambition is in a personal glory for himself … Pharaoh on the country … He led the immortal leader Abu Khaled Egypt to the abyss in terms of security and economic … Egyptian heroic armies fought a war without them Jamal in the war of Yemen …. stupidly after the stupidity nationalization of the Suez Canal and the nationalization of all foreign investments in Egypt, where Cairo was a kiss for investment that … And that the construction of the High Dam and the Valley of the Valley of the continuation of fertility and we are now waiting time bomb Its name is the High Dam … the triple aggression on Egypt … then after we lose the traces of Sinai … and we have to lose Cairo is also for the generosity of the Israelis … and the maturity of the media traitor … and a failed representative to step down … and as long as he invented the slogan … in spirit and blood, we need you ….. Write any name of a tyrant sitting on the throne of Egypt
The third achievement – Sadat came at the time of the thorns drums of war knock everywhere … the war of October 1973 and then lose Sinai, but the United Nations custody, but the external picture shows that the Sinai returned to Egypt on paper … but no authority on them before The governments of its military forces … began to use religion to settle on the throne ….. and with a spirit of blood we need you …. Write any name sitting on the throne of Egypt …
The fourth achievement – Hosni Mubarak and the shrine in the cow … 30 years of theft of the dreams of the people … And the political corruption that spread in the country during the 30 years before Mubarak and lasted 30 years and the Pasha sitting on the chair … Sorry on the throne Egypt … I think he wanted to compete with one of the pharaohs, Ramses II
The people rose on January 25, 2011 … and appeared to have a glimmer of hope …. But it was a period of respite from the presence of a military chief was the truce from 2011 to 2013, but the price was expensive to pay for the people and young people who were killed between the death And detention in prisons beyond the sun … and again returned to Egypt under military occupation in the leadership of the tyrant Abdul Fattah al-Sisi
Now there is a new glimmer of hope, perhaps with the fall of Bashir and the removal of Bouteflika

The situation has deteriorated and we are looking for a living from the garbage … The public debt has risen to the extreme, so that the future generations of the people … We have to rise, there is no fear of death is inevitable … and must be tried and isolated Every soldier participated in treason
Revolution Revolution, young people

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I believe like others who believe in freedom and believe in the change, as I was sick of the leaders that we did not chose or even elect

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