What happen in Six years of SISI

Since 2013 and in the course of 6 years of the dictatorial regime of Egypt Sisi achievements in points

  1. Twenty-two prisons have been established
    2 – Thousands of young people disappeared and imprisoned
    3 – billions of funds were wasted
  2. Many young people and working cadres were liquidated with a glimmer of hope for a bright future
    5 – The state was plunged into debt and its burdens will be borne by future generations

Sudan overthrew al-Bashir and Algeria rose up against Bouteflika and soon we will get rid of this dictator
Revolution Revolution Revolution Who remains of my youth

Dictatorships create prisons to oppress their people
Democracy closes prisons and creates schools and hospitals.

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I believe like others who believe in freedom and believe in the change, as I was sick of the leaders that we did not chose or even elect

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