What the Egyptian government did for the Egyptian

The Pharaoh of Egypt returned the Egyptians, the sons of the homeland from abroad, in a gesture that seemed to be a humanitarian action and the rights of the citizens of the homeland to return to the dear homeland …
He did well to believe

With the passage of days, the truth emerged
Gentlemen, when they accused him of building palaces that were of no use or value .. He appeared to us in a nutshell and said: A building built .. He gave me .. is I building them for me?  This is for Egypt!

Now the question that needs answering appears where is the government’s role in facing the epidemic that has befallen us?

The people of Egypt are now returning from abroad, a large number of whom are already debts and borrowers … Why are they sitting in stone at their expense?  Why one pound is paid 2000 pounds per day, which means 28 thousand for the longest time .. I mean, if a family of 4 people pay 112 thousand!

Sit them in the palaces, a little on their own .. Blush the palaces .. Sit them in the hotels of the army and its clubs that exceed the 70 hotels and clubs, which are originally the money of the people!

On the whole, success, Rizk … may God forbid you, could have taken advantage of the situation in your favor
But “God does not guide the unjust people.”
And God does not guide the sinful people. .. In your hearts is a disease .. And God has made you sick!

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I believe like others who believe in freedom and believe in the change, as I was sick of the leaders that we did not chose or even elect

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