We do not want to be under control from the Army Men SISI out

Every Egyptian looks at the other and considers him a traitor, a customer, a fifth column, etc., etc.
Where are you from … struggling for freedom, social justice, decent living without insulting … Where do you achieve this?
No distinction between people … color, appearance, and religion
I repeat, time and again, “as long as there is no transparency, credibility, honesty and self-denial” and the great “love of ignorance and the personal interests and as long as we make the Pharaoh 2014” will not be the Justice in Egypt
Sir, who wanted to reform this nation on the exit and peaceful revolution
Revolution Revolution is no substitute …. The military is a traitor or a client
Go away, Sissi enough corruption
We do not want to be under control

One word to SiSi

We are the people of more than 7000 years of civilization. We are the one who make the impossible to be possible.

You force yourself to be in power. And we will not let you be in power. We will come from every direction to hunt you down. From your crown that you faked it.

Weith every blood shredded in every street fro. Our brother and sister. We will make you pay the price. But not the same way you have done to us. We will protest in every street in Egypt. And we will make every one know what kind of pain we suffer.

What kind of torture we have been facing. How many mother lost her son and husband and brother and father. Just for you to stay in power.

You will see soon

Yes or No Today the Egyptian are in for either yes or no. The question is Do we say yes to some amendments that we are foorced to accept, the amendment that some think it is working for the best for the people of Egypt that is to the best of their knowledge or their beliefs and the benefits that they get from SISI being in power if we agree on the changes we are restoring SISI in the driver seat to drive us deeper into the darkness Or we can say NO which I believe and others believe is in the interest of the citizen … How poor is this people who harbored a solution for the future of the country, my brothers and sisters? What happen to us in the past which I feel like it just happens few days ago, it was not too far when we were asked to say yes and accept the changes to the constitutional amendments after Mubarak and we were told it is in our benefits and the stability of the country, for your information my opinion was not to fall for the trap and I chose No at that time . We were forced to accept and believe that yes was good for the future, The vote was yes and that is what we have done. Our brothers and sisters were martyred … The earth was covered with pure blood that is now being distorted … It was a revolution when we had the power, but after things returned to what it used to be and the power goes back to the army and the throne and we lost that power we became traitors… they media start calling us traitors and clients We have been robbed by SISI , the military coup in 2013 lead by SISi robbed our revolution and robbed every precious and dear to us … we should have learnt from the lesson and we shall not be lead by the tyrant and his media. I condemn SISI and any kind of rule of the military

نعم أم لا

نحن نقف هذه الأيام امام نعم أم لا هل نقول نعم أمام تعديلات يري البعض انها تعمل لصالح الوطن ، أم لا و التي يرى آخرون انها في مصلحة المواطن … كم مسكين هذا الشعب الذي احتار في ايجاد حل لمستقبل البلد ، اخواني و اخواتي اود ان اوضح ماذا كان الماضي لقريب عندا تم طلب من المصريين قول نعم للتعديلات …الدستورية. ما اشبه اليوم بالبارحة…

تم التصويت بنعم و هذا ما وصنا اليه. استشهد اخواننا و اخواتنا … ارتوت الأرض بدماء طاهرة يتم تشويهها الان … كانت ثورة …و لكن بعد ان عادت الأمور الي ما كانت عليه و عاد العسكر لعرش البلاد …قالوا انها كانت مجموع عميلة تقود البلاد للتهلك ‏…عملاء.

من الآخر سلبت الثورة و سلب الثوار كل ما هو ثمين و عزيز …نتعلم من الدرس و لا يقودنا الطاغية و إعلامه للتهلكة اكثر من كده …يسقط يسقط السيسي و حكم العسكر

What happen in Six years of SISI

Since 2013 and in the course of 6 years of the dictatorial regime of Egypt Sisi achievements in points

  1. Twenty-two prisons have been established
    2 – Thousands of young people disappeared and imprisoned
    3 – billions of funds were wasted
  2. Many young people and working cadres were liquidated with a glimmer of hope for a bright future
    5 – The state was plunged into debt and its burdens will be borne by future generations

Sudan overthrew al-Bashir and Algeria rose up against Bouteflika and soon we will get rid of this dictator
Revolution Revolution Revolution Who remains of my youth

Dictatorships create prisons to oppress their people
Democracy closes prisons and creates schools and hospitals.

خلال 6 اعوام

منذ عام 2013 و في خلال 6 سنوات من حكم الدكتاتور السيسي لمصر إنجازاته في نقاط

  1. تم إنشاء ٢٢ سجن
  2. تم اختفاء و حبس الالاف من الشباب
  3. تم اهدار المليارات من الأموال
  4. تم تصفية العديد من الشباب و الكوادر العاملة التي كان فيها بارقة امل لمستقبل مشرق
  5. تم اغراق الدولة في الديون يتحمل اعبائها أجيال قادمة

السودان اجتثت البشير و الجزائر انتفضت على بوتفليقة و قريبا سنتخلص من هذا الدكتاتور

الثورة الثورة الثورة يا من بقي من شباب بلدي

الديكتاتوريات تنشئ سجون لقمع شعوبها

و الدايمقراطية تغلق السجون وتنشئ مدارس ومستشفيات .